Virtual Dog Walk: Around the World in 80 Days

Tue 9th Mar 2021

To get involved or to show your support please visit the Go Fund Me page

Every year we do a sponsored dog walk and this year is no different! Except this time, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we're asking everyone to participate from home.

From April 1st to June 19th our goal is to virtually walk the circumference of the globe, which is approximately 45,000km. Visiting capital cities and iconic landmarks along the way, we hope to raise our target of £1,000 within these 80 days!

To reach our goal we are asking all participants to record the distance they walk when they are walking their dogs, and as a community everyone's distances will be pooled together until we have walked 45,000km!

For a minimum of £5 getting involved couldn't be easier! Please Contact Us or send us an email with the subject heading 'AROUND THE WORLD' to [email protected], and once you have paid the participation fee we'll send you your starter pack!

And for all the spectators out there - there is a Facebook page you can follow where we will be sharing updates when we reach each milestone!

Even if you don't have a dog and would love to get involved you're more than happy to do so. You can run, cycle, even swim if you want to! As long as you send us your miles we'll include it.