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We are passionate at Danaher about our staffies and staffie crosses.  We  see so many come into us here and  it is a never ending job trying to re-home these fantastic dogs.  As fast as new owners come forward to offer one a second chance another is waiting to take its place.  The breed gets so much unjustified negative press in the media that we felt that we had to do something to try to change people’s perceptions of these dogs  and show them for the loving affectionate pets that they really are which is why we made this short film. We hope that once you watch it you can see how they can happily live with children, other dogs and different age groups. And that you may come along to us and meet some of our staffies and staffies crosses and offer one a loving home.  So please ‘Give a Staffie a Chance’.

“Just wanted to comment on the story I have just read about you trying to improve people’s perception of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Congratulations – my husband and I contacted our local Animal Rescue Centre looking for a dream dog i.e. was good with children, dogs, cats……….and when we were told that they had 1 dog who would fit this profile, and she was a little Staffordshire Bull Terrier – my husband and I were shocked, as unfortunately, we had read all of the stores about them in the press and without realising, had become biased ourselves.

We went to meet this little girl Staffie, Purdy – and our hearts melted. She is the softest, kindest dog ever – and she cuddles up to the cat, and the cat lies on her! When we had a 50th party for my husband, some children came who were frightened of her – but within 3 minutes, all of the children were playing school – and Purdy was one of the pupils too………we even get the neighbours grandchildren knocking on the door asking if Purdy can come out to play.

I am happy to support you in any way I can – providing words for articles, photos etc………………well done and I really hope you have success. The breed deserves it – it’s the owners who are the problem”