Retention Policy


It is the RSPCA Danaher Animal Homes (“the Home”) policy to maintain complete, accurate and high quality records.  Records are to be retained for the period of their immediate use, unless longer retention is required for historical reference, contractual, legal or regulatory requirements or for other purposes as may be set forth below. Records that are no longer required, or have satisfied their required periods of retention, shall be destroyed.

No officer, director, employee, contractor or volunteer of the Home shall knowingly destroy a document with the intent to obstruct or influence the investigation or proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any government department or agency or in relation to or contemplation of any such matter or case. This policy covers all records and documents of the Home.

The Home reserves the right to amend, alter and terminate this policy at any time.

Responsibility for Administration

The board of directors (the Board) shall be responsible for administering this policy.

Statement of Policy

It is the policy of this organisation:

• To comply with applicable legal and regulatory duties to retain documents.

• To possess all documents needed for our normal business purposes, including administration of our ongoing business relationships.  

Therefore, the Home directs and expect all officers, directors, employees, contractors and volunteers to follow the rules and procedures set forth herein. Please be aware that “documents” includes not only documents in paper form, but email messages and all other forms of electronically stored information.  Also be aware that the rules and procedures apply to all computers and other electronic devices provided to you by the organization for use in the business of the organization, regardless of whether those computers or devices are used on the organisation’s premises or elsewhere.  

Rules and Procedures

From time to time, the Board may issue a “legal hold,” suspending the destruction of any records due to pending, threatened, or otherwise reasonably foreseeable litigation, audits, government investigations, or similar proceedings.  If and when you are informed of this by the CEO, do not discard any documents relevant to the subject matter of the lawsuit, investigation or proceeding.

You will be informed of the specific types of documents that are relevant and must be retained for these purposes by the Board. Until that point in time, do not discard any document that may be relevant without the written approval of the Board. If in doubt, save the document.

In all other circumstances, you must retain the documents listed in the attached appendix called “Appendix Data Retention Schedule”, for the periods of time set forth on that schedule. The schedule reflects our legal obligations for document retention.   

Please note that the information listed in the schedule below is intended as a guideline and may not contain all the records the Home may be required to keep in the future.  Questions regarding the retention of documents not listed in this schedule should be directed to the Board.

Please note that failure to follow this policy can result in possible civil and criminal sanctions against the Home and its officers, directors and employees, and possible disciplinary action against responsible individuals, up to and including termination of employment.

Destruction of Data

Physical data that has been held for the mandated retention period will be destroyed by incineration or cross shredding.

Electronic data will be permanently deleted in its entirety.

Where individuals opt out from receiving communications:

Physical data will be incinerated or cross shredded and electronic data will be permanently deleted in its entirety. There are occasions where the Home will need to retain certain records after you opt out, such as Gift Aid status. This data will be destroyed after the mandated retention period. Please refer to the attached appendix for further details on what data we keep and how long you can expect it to be kept for.


We take daily, monthly and yearly backups of our database and servers. Backup archives are stored using strong encryption using a third party software NAME. That way, even if a backup archive with personal data awaiting deletion were stolen, the thieves couldn’t use it.

Some of your data may remain in our backups for a period of time. Please refer to the Right to Erasure Policy for full details.

BT Cloud Storage

We may store your data in BTs secure Cloud Storage. We ensure your data is kept secure by using up-to-date security features and procedures.






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