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Fancy giving a home to a sweet, one-year-old girl and boy with a whole lot of love to give? Meet Maggie – a delicate little lady and a charming chap named O'Malley. Both had a bit of a rough start but are now waiting for their forever family to come along.

They are learning the ropes of the good life in their cattery pen and are already pros when it comes to using their litter trays - a plus for any house-proud cat parent!

Cattery life is all very new and a little overwhelming for Maggie and O'Malley. They prefer to explore their surroundings at night when the world is quiet. It is, though, early days and we hope they will start to relax.

We are looking for a patient and experienced cat lover, someone who understands that trust takes time, and a calm and quiet home where Maggie and O'Malley can relax and thrive at their own pace, perhaps one with teenagers who know the value of patience and gentle persuasion, and who can help them learn that the world isn't such a scary place. It's all about slow introductions and respecting their space, allowing them to approach you in their own time. They are looking for that special someone who can provide a safe indoor and outdoor space where they can feel secure and grow in confidence.

So, do you have a heart full of kindness and a home full of calm? If the answer is 'yes', then opening up your life to Maggie and O'Malley could be the most rewarding adventure. Fill out an interest form below and be the one to unlock Maggie’s and O'Malley's full potential and share in the joys of a friendship that will grow stronger each day.


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