Fundraiser: Rolo & Cloudy


£12.50 / £20 Raised


Come say hello to Cloudy and Rolo – our charming new pair who have recently started their life together under our caring roof! These two darlings have seamlessly blended their lives into an endearing partnership that's sure to melt your heart.

Cloudy, with her soft, whispery fur that resembles the gentle morning mist, is a true delight. Her serene nature and affectionate purrs make her the perfect companion for snuggling up on a cosy evening. Rolo, on the other hand, is the epitome of sweetness, his glossy coat and playful antics bringing a smile to anyone's face. His joyful energy balances Cloudy's tranquil presence, making them an irresistible duo.

Together, they've brought out the best in each other, embodying a harmonious blend of peace and playfulness. They've shown us that love truly can create a beautiful bond, and now they're ready to bring that love into a new forever home.

Could you be the one to offer Cloudy and Rolo the loving family they deserve? Imagine the joy of watching them explore their new surroundings, their curious eyes sparkling with excitement. Embrace the opportunity to be part of their journey and to experience the unending affection and entertainment that comes with this delightful pair.

We invite you to meet Cloudy and Rolo; let them charm their way into your life and home. Give us a shout, and we'd be over the moon to introduce you to your potential new family members!


D. Merrifield
Wed 28/02/2024