Fundraiser: Chipstick & Wotsit


£31.25 / £50 Raised


This is Wotsit and Chipstick!

These two very quirky girls are looking for an extra special home after being born with a feral mum and dad, they have not had the handling and socialising that kittens of their age usually get!

Everyday they are learning that humans are not so scary and are really starting to come out of their shells becoming exceptionally playful and mischievous, but they are going to need a quiet home where they can continue their journey together and conquer the big wide world. Thy both now love a fuss and will purr when being interacted with.

They are able to live with other cats but the cat already in the home would need to be very calm and also used to having other cats around.

Starting off in one room would benefit these guys also as too much space all at once might overwhelm them!

If you can offer these two gorgeous girls their forever home then please fill out an interest form below.


Sonia Tebbut
Tue 14/11/2023