Why Danaher?

Whilst affiliated with the RSPCA, Danaher is an entirely self-funding charity that could not exist without help from our generous supporters. The vital financial support they give us enable us to help hundreds of lost, abandoned, and ill-treated animals every year. Last year alone (2022), the donations we received helped us to find new loving homes for over 700 dogs, cats, and small animals. Despite record rehoming figures, more animals are always in need of our help.

We are committed to a non-selective intake policy. This means that irrespective of breed, condition, temperament, age or health, provided we have space, we will accept any animal we are equipped to care for. Where appropriate, we will make every effort to reunite said animals with their families or work towards placing them in new loving forever homes.

We are devoted to providing the best possible care for our animals throughout their stay and our policies and processes have been carefully established to ensure that all animals receive the best chance at a safe, secure and content future.