"I have been fortunate enough to come and work at the Danaher Animal Home after a 15-year career with the RSPCA. I was the Chief inspector for 5 years where animal welfare was and still remains my biggest passion.

Being in this line of work I have managed to collect a few rescue animals of my own. I currently own four horses and three dogs, all of which are very spoilt members of my family.

My aim is to ensure that the Danaher Animal Home can thrive and be the best it can for all of the animals it cares for. To rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome is our mission, and one I am proud to be associated with whilst working for this amazing charity. I look forward to my time here and I am excited for the future of Danaher. Together the staff, volunteers, and animals make it a truly wonderful place to work."

Sam Garvey
General Manager


"I started working at Danaher Animal Home 20 years ago as a volunteer and worked my way through various roles to become The Home Facilities Manager. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats of my own and have a huge passion for hand rearing and fostering kittens and often have a few running around the house causing havoc."
Karen Joyner
Home Facilities Manager
Julia Askam
Area Retail Manager
"I started employment at the Danaher Animal Home in 2016. I have had many jobs over my working life but never thought I’d be fortunate enough to be part of a team of likeminded animal lovers. Seeing the dogs, cats and smalls come into us and then leave with new families is very rewarding. I have always had a great love of animals and have never been without one furry friend or another. At the moment I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, a rabbit and numerous ducks and chickens. I have 4 sons and 2 grandsons, my peaceful time is walking!!"
Debi Thomas
Finance Manager
Simon Mills
IT & Marketing Manager
Peter Hensby
Site Manager
"I qualified in 1995 from the Royal Vet College in London, and I have worked in small animal practice since this time in the North Essex / South Suffolk area. I have a special interest in soft tissue surgery, but enjoy all aspects of veterinary practice. I spend time as a volunteer overseas neutering cats and dogs and I enjoy teaching surgical skills to students and recent graduates. Recently I have volunteered on neutering programs in North Essex and hope to make these a regular monthly event. I have 2 ginger cats Moses and Axl, a large Lurcher called Lewis, and 5 chickens. When I’m not working I enjoy swimming, walking, music, travel and I am passionate about Formula 1, supporting Lewis Hamilton."
Helen Light MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon
"My name's Louisa, I've been a full time animal care assistant at Danaher since January 2017. My qualifications include a Level 3 Triple Grade Distinction in Animal Management, a Level 2 Certificate in Dog Grooming Assistants, a Level 3 Certificate in Introductory Dog Grooming and I'm also a trained microchip implanter. I previously ran my own dog grooming business and these skills are always put to use with the dogs for a much needed pamper. I have 3 cats at home who I adore; A ginger boy called Nacho, a white and black boy called Poco who has no tail, and a black and white boy called Tino."
Louisa Duranti
Deputy Animal Welfare Manager
"I have worked at Danaher for 12 years. I have had the opportunity to work my way up within the Home. This job is very much vocational and I am always taking animals home to foster. I have diplomas in Animal care and I’m an assessor for the in-house training programme. I enjoy getting involved with fundraising activities, educational talks and have also taken dogs to photo shoots and television appearances to help promote Danaher to get homes for the animals in our care."
Craig Horsler
Animal Welfare Supervisor
"From a young age I knew I wanted to work with animals. My passion to help and care for animals in need drove me to pursue my career by undertaking a degree later on in life, (FdSc Animal Science and Welfare Bsc Hons Wildlife Management and Conservation). Before joining the Danaher team I worked at a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre. It was a privilege to see our British wildlife up close and help those in need. I have now been working for Danaher for nearly two years, where I am currently a Senior Animal Care Assistant. I enjoy learning about canine behaviour, training and health, I love working at Danaher every day, it’s very rewarding to help every animal that comes through our door and give them new chapters to their lives. In my spare time I enjoy country walks with my dog and relaxing in a quiet place."
Leah Beales
Animal Welfare Supervisor
"I’ve been at Danaher for just over a year now and I seriously can’t believe how lucky I am to be in such a position. Working with animals had always been my dream as a young child, although it has taken me some time to get such a job I can honestly say that I am well and truly in my element at Danaher, every day I have to pinch myself to be certain it is in fact my life now and not just a dream! Animals ARE my life! I’m passionate about anything animal welfare and believe it is really important to be the voice for the voiceless and fight their corner alongside them, that’s exactly why myself and my daughter often go to marches and demonstrations to make our voices heard. At Danaher you will most likely find me on the ‘Smalls’ block cuddling the bunnies and guinea pigs making sure the little residents of Danaher have as much of a relaxed, stress free time with us as possible."
Rebecca Alber
Animal Welfare Assistant
"I have been at Danaher for a year now and I can honestly say I love my job, helping all the animals that are in need. I have 3 little doggies at home Gizmo, Coco & Rolo that are my world and 2 cats which are from Danaher. I currently run the cattery at Danaher and I love all of the different personalities that all the cats have. They keep you laughing and smiling. In my spare time I love travelling to explore new places and hiking."
Ryan Densley
Animal Welfare Assistant
"I have been at Danaher for just a couple of months and I absolutely love it. The best bit about the job is seeing the animals who needed our help the most to become their true selves. I have two dogs, two rabbits, a tortoise and also a little Roborovski hamster which I rescued from the centre. My qualifications include Animal Management and also I have the experience of being a zoo keeper at Colchester Zoo. In my spare time I love exploring new places and making memories with friends and family."
Rebecca Peters
Animal Welfare Assistant
"I started working at Danaher in 2018 after starting out as a volunteer with the doggies. I grew up with animals, mainly dogs and love them. At home I have a Staffie girl who came from Danaher eight years ago and I adore her."
Lizzie Stuart
Animal Welfare Assistant
"I began at the Home as a volunteer at the home but loved it so much I wanted to work here! I have been employed for around 3 months so far. I love working with all the animals at Danaher. When I go home I love spending time with my own dog, cat, and tortoises!"
Katrina Hood
Animal Welfare Assistant
Sam Harvey
Animal Welfare Assistant
Rebecca Francis
Animal Welfare Assistant
Katie Shilling
Animal Welfare Assistant
Maisie Cook
Animal Welfare Assistant
"I have been working at Danaher Animal since 2003. I originally applied to be an animal care assistant but was employed as the receptionist and am now currently an administrator. Due to staff shortages and maternity cover I have also worked out on the blocks with the animals. I have always had a love of animals and a caring nature especially for the sick and injured. I have hand reared many animals at the Centre over the years ranging from kittens to birds of prey. Due to my nursing experience I have also under taken the care of various sick animals and nursed them back to health. I am married and have 2 daughters and a grandson along with 4 cats, a dog, chickens and a range of different species of pond fish."
Michaela Mercer
"I have been with Danaher as the Volunteer Co-ordinator since January 2020 working within the RSPCA and Rescue is my passion. I have fostered and hand reared animals for the centre for many years now and enjoy bringing the animals back to health and love to see them going in to their forever homes. I have previously worked for Danaher as an Animal Care Assistant but left to start a family and my Pet Home Help Business. I am a mum to 3 boys and an animal lover owning a tortoise, chickens, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs and 3 cats. My hobbies are keeping fit, reading, walking and enjoying nature."
Layla McIlveen
Volunteer Administrator
"I live locally with my family, dog and guinea pigs. I joined the wonderful team at Danaher at the end of March 2019 and very much enjoy my job working with people and animals in my receptionist role."
Paula Jane
"Paul has been manager of the Braintree shop for the past 8 years. A keen gardener he is Chairman of the local Horticultural Society and on the committee for the Allotment Society. In addition to his love of opera and wine, he has a true passion for caring for animals. Paul has a wonderful team of volunteers, friends and family, who work very hard in this bustling shop."
Paul Johnson
Shop Manager (Braintree)
"Marilyn started as a volunteer for Danaher in 2016 and after six months was offered the job as assistant manager, which she willingly accepted as she loves every aspect of her job, and raising as much money as possible for Danaher. Marilyn has a shih-tzu dog who is 2 years old called Mr Brown."
Marilyn Marshall
Shop Manager (Witham)
"Mick, the Charity Shop Manager, lives locally and takes great pride in knowing all his customers. His partner, Sue, is a huge support to the Charity, helping out in the shop whenever she can. New volunteers are always welcome to join this small but hard-working team. Mick lives with his children and his fish and has a huge passion for animal welfare."
Michael Howard
Shop Manager (Chelmsford)
"Julia started volunteering in the Dunmow shop 3 years ago and now works as an assistant manager at the Braintree shop. Being passionate about animal welfare, working for a local self-funded charity is incredibly rewarding and being able to actually see how the money we raise is used to turn so many animal’s lives around makes it a truly worthwhile job."
Julia Shuttle
Shop Manager (Dunmow)
"Claire is the assistant manager in both the Braintree and Sudbury shops. She finds her job extremely rewarding as she can see that the money raised goes to support Danaher in all their efforts to care and rehabilitate the animals in their hour of need. Claire, herself, has 11 ex battery hens, 4 ducks and a cat called Buster."
Claire Parker
Shop Manager (Sudbury)
"Hazel originally started volunteering in our Braintree shop and then moved to Haverhill as an assistant manager. Whilst the current manager is on maternity leave, Hazel has stepped up to manager and is enjoying the role. Hazel has a huge number of friends that she travels with and has a busy social life. Hazel has a dog and a lovely family she loves spending time with."
Hazel Bartlett
Shop Manager (Haverhill)
"Di joined Danaher as a volunteer when the Braintree shop opened, and then went on to manage the shop. As the charity then opened shops in Witham, Sudbury, Dunmow and Chelmsford, Di worked as Area Retail Manager, supervising all five. After retiring 2 years ago, Di found she missed the people and now helps out where needed. Di has always had dogs and at the moment has 2 Jack Russell cross Chihuahuas called Pickle and Lily who are sisters."
Di Gibbs
Assistant Shop Manager (Braintree)
Mary Corcoran
Assistant Shop Manager (Braintree)
Tracie Bromboszcz
Assistant Shop Manager (Witham)
"Deb joined Danaher in 2014 when our Trent Road branch opened, firstly as a volunteer and now as management. Deb thoroughly enjoys raising awareness of and to raise as much money as possible for Danaher via all of the generous donations we sell in the shop. Knowing that the money raised is going to help care for the wide range of animals at the Shelter, who are awaiting their forever homes. Her spare time is spent with her growing family who, between them have a boxer dog, a Cocker Spaniel and a tabby cat. They also enjoy long walks and holidays together by the sea."
Deb Thompson
Assistant Shop Manager (Chelmsford)
"Di has been an assistant manager at the Great Dunmow shop since it opened in July 2013, she feels fortunate to be part of a great team along with our dedicated and hard-working volunteers. Di moved to Great Dunmow over 30 years ago and despite now moving a short distance away, has worked in Dunmow for most of that time. Di loves living in the countryside, gardening and has two granddaughters who take up a lot of her spare time. She has had all breeds of dogs in her family throughout the years and enjoyed looking after dogs of friends and family ranging from a miniature dachshund to a St Bernard! Di currently has a three year old rescued golden retriever."
Di Cavanagh
Assistant Shop Manager (Dunmow)
"Lee started working in the Dunmow shop 4 years ago as a volunteer. She has 2 Cocker Spaniels, Flo and Roxie. Her interests are travelling, quilting (still a beginner) and reading. Lee has grandchildren who she enjoys spending time with and keep her young at heart."
Lee Freeman
Assistant Shop Manager (Dunmow)
Jenny Wilson
Assistant Shop Manager (Dunmow)
Imogen Payne
Assistant Shop Manager (Sudbury)
Sally Watkins
Assistant Shop Manager (Sudbury)
Elaine Butcher
Assistant Shop Manager (Haverhill)
Rachel Beckitt
Assistant Shop Manager (Haverhill)
Terry Daw
Auxiliary Shop Staff
Graham Green
Auxiliary Shop Staff
Al Fitzsimmons
Auxiliary Shop Staff
Adam Hill
Auxiliary Shop Staff


Graham Barker
Richard Lord
Robert Lees
Alison Dewar
Fred Hammett
Helen Hendry