Fostering is an incredibly rewarding way to help animals and get involved with the charity. Our animal foster carers play an invaluable role in giving animals a temporary loving home until they are ready to find a permanent one.

Whilst we endeavour to maximise the happiness and welfare of all the animal's lives in our care, we understand that kennels can be a stressful environment for any animal, many of whom have not always had the best start in life, so if possible we try to place our animals in foster homes where they are often more relaxed in familiar surroundings. This also enables us to help many more animals each year by making more effective use of our available accommodation.

We are always on the lookout for new foster carers who can help take care of puppies and kittens, rehabilitate injured or sick animals, and/or offer behaviour training.

If you feel you have the time and dedication required to become an animal foster carer, please do not hesitate to fill in an online Application Form below today. More information about the different fostering roles and application process, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can also be found below.

Fostering Roles

Mothers, Puppies, & Kittens

Help take care of whelping dogs, queening cats, and/or hand-rears, nurturing their puppies and kittens to thrive in the early stages of their lives and develop the social skills they need to live happy and enjoyable lives.

Medical & Nursing

Help nurse animals through painful and traumatic times in their lives, giving them the care and medical attention they need to get them back to full health and fitness, ready to start a new chapter in a loving home.

Behaviour & Training

Help train animals to improve any behavioural issues they may have and teach them the social skills they need in life to interact with both humans and other animals without fear or aggression.

How Does It Work?

Danaher fostering process infographic

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a fosterer if I already have pets?

Yes! Providing your pets are friendly to other animals, it is possible to foster suitable animals if you already have pets.

Can I permanently adopt an animal I am fostering?

Yes! It's not uncommon for our fosterers to grow attached to the animals in their care and want to make them a permanent member of their family. Once the animal becomes available for rehoming, you will have first option on adopting it, assuming your home can meet the animal's permanent needs.

Who pays for the animal's food?

We Do! Food can be provided free of charge for any foster animals. You are also welcome to purchase food so long as it meets the animal's dietary needs.

Who pays for any vets bills?

We Do! Our on-site vet will take care of most medical problems that require vet attention. We also have a list of approved vet practices in the area for any out of hours emergencies.

Fosterer Application Form

If you require help completing the Fostering Application Form, please give us a call on 0300 111 4321 and we will be happy to assist!
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