Sun 13th Feb 2022

Meet Mishmish, A 12-week-old kitten found with his head well and truly stuck in a rat trap. 

On a cold winter day, a passing local came across a little kitten who had got himself in a pickle. The RSPCA were called and managed to safely cut MishMish out. 

Mishmish was so terrified of his ordeal that he was assumed to be a feral kitten and was placed in an experienced foster home.

After 3 days Mishmish sat on his fosterers legs, albeit at a distance and looking a tad cross. On day 5 he decided that he was bored being a feral and wanted to be friends so attached himself to his foster mum.

The fosterer introduced Mishmish to five 3-week-old kittens she was also fostering and Mishmish immediately acted like their dad, washing them, playing with them gently and running to them whenever one of them meowed.

As they got older the kittens went off to their new homes and Mishmish found himself at a loose end so decided to make one of the dogs in the home his new playmate. Edie a corgi cross, being only a youngster herself, decided that Mishmish was her new best friend and they are always playing, or just hanging out together.


The fosterer had never come across such a kitten in all her years of fostering and decided that he was just to amazing to give up, So he now resides as a permanent member of the family.