MyGivingCircle £10K Grant Giveaway

Mon 14th Feb 2022

Each year MyGivingCircle grant their top charities with £300,000. Help Danaher win a grant of £10,000 by voting for us as your chosen UK charity and getting us on the top 10 UK leaderboard!

We’re currently in poll position #275 with only 155 votes. We need at least 2000 votes before we can be in with a chance of winning the grant of £10K so we need everyone's generous involvement.

• You can vote once a week

• Every donation of £1 gets us an extra vote, so please consider donating

• Donate £20 and we’ll get featured on the homepage 2,000 times

• Share on Facebook to let your friends and family know they can place their vote once a week to help Danaher receive a £10K grant


Don't forget to verify your vote by clicking the link MyGivingCircle emails you - this is very important to make your vote count!

The top 10 winners will be announced on Thursday 31st March.