Success Story - Emily

Thu 16th Jun 2022

An inspector brought Emily into our care after she was found abandoned down a bridleway alone.

As you can see she was severely emaciated and had sores all over her body caused by her bones creating friction with hard surfaces.

Emily came into our care in March and weighed just 11.2kg on arrival. To begin with, Emily was fed five small meals a day to ensure we did not overload her system.   It was clear Emily had an amazing appetite and her neglect was clearly just through lack of food and care.

Her loving and fun character quickly showed through and she enjoyed running off-lead and going on group dog walks with her many dog friends.

After posting Emily’s story and amazing progress on our Facebook page, it did not take long for her to find her forever family. Just one month later in April, Emily went off to her new forever home weighing a fantastic 15.5kg.

Her new family adore her and enjoy taking Emily to enclosed off lead areas where she enjoys running around and playing in sandpits.