Success Story - Aldo

Fri 15th Sep 2023

Adorable Aldo was an endearing Newfoundland cross Rottweiler, just 8 months old when he arrived in our care and still with some growing to do. Despite his youth, Aldo's most striking quality was his calm, affectionate, and friendly nature, endearing him to everyone he met. Although he could be unsure in the kennel and spooked by loud noises, once outside, he was a placid and composed companion. His new family wanted to share an update...

"Aldo has been doing incredibly well this past year, even though he has had some health issues he is honestly one of the sweetest, softest and most loving dogs I have ever met, he has so much character and charisma that most people tend to fall in love with him the second they meet him (much like I did). He has done a lot of growing since leaving Danaher... he has gone from being smaller than a lab to being around 5ft 3" when he stands on his back legs! He loves being with the other dogs in the family, playing with his toys and cuddling. He quite often doesn't quite realise how big he is and will try to sit on my lap or try to sleep on the smallest dog bed he can find! I genuinely couldn't imagine my life without Aldo now and adopting him has been the best decision I have ever made, thank you!"