Success Story - Jasmine & Nala

Thu 4th May 2023

Jasmine & Nala spent a couple of months in our care at the start of 2023 before quickly finding their perfect forever home! Shortly after, their new owner got in touch with an update...

"Jasmine was definitely the shy one. Well, she has definitely taken no time at all to find her big brave paws. She comes trotting down the stairs when we get home from work for a quick hello and loves to snuggle on the beds. She also has no problem telling Nala off when she doesn't feel like wrestling! 

Nala is a little more forthcoming with her affections and is certainly the more greedy, nosey and generally mischievous one. She too loves to snuggle and wrestle and pretty much pull and grab anything that moves. She loves to get under your feet and lays across the stairs as we walk up or down! 

So glad we adopted them! "