Success Story - Toffee

Wed 28th Jun 2023

Toffee came in to the centre at the beginning of 2023 after being signed over due to fighting with his Brother, on arrival Toffee was severely emaciated with very little muscle mass anywhere on his body… he was pretty much skin and bones and even standing for a short period would take it out of him as he was very weak and malnourished. 

Toffee went straight into his foster home (now forever home) with one of our staff where he received the TLC he so needed and although it has been a lengthy process to see him pull through the depression he was in, the anorexia that was brought on possibly through the depression and the fact he needed to gain some muscle to have the strength to act and behave like a ‘normal’ rabbit he has now got a much different lease of life. 

Rebecca his new Mummy is extremely proud of how far Toffee has come and is extremely thankful that his life has been able to be turned around for the better, she says that Toffee is one of the happiest rabbits she has ever known nowadays and although he needed time to feel better and come out of the depression he now loves her and the whole family as much as they all adore him….

“I am so thankful to have met Tof-Tof and been a part of his journey to his happy ever after… I seriously couldn’t imagine life without our excitable and ever so cheeky little boy now and I look forward to many, many years of sharing my life with him.”