Success Story - Chilli & Bandit

Thu 20th Apr 2023

Chilli and Bandit arrived in our care in December, severely emaciated and very weak. They quickly went in to a foster home for syringe feeding and intensive care, then returned to Danaher when they had gained sufficient weight and were much stronger in themselves. 

Chilli and Bandit have now been adopted by a loving family and have since been successfully bonded with the family’s other 3 rabbits who are past Danaher buns too… We are immensely proud of them all for accepting each other into their group and really happy for their family, who's persistence with the bonding process has well and truly paid off.  

Their new owner recently got in touch with an update...

"Chilli and Bandit have been an absolute joy to welcome to our family and stole my heart the moment I met them. They love exploring out in the herb garden (when the weather allows) and discovering new and different herbs. They also love destroying their bedroom as much as possible and are constantly beating their own personal record for destroying new toys. Chilli is definitely the mastermind and always makes it look like Bandit was the cause of all the mischief. They are very excited to begin bonding with their two sisters Bluey and Bingo and their brother Peter in a weeks time. We would all like to say the biggest of thankyou’s to everyone at Danaher and particularly Becs for everything they have done to give these beautiful babies the second chance they truly deserve."