Success Story - Treacle

Tue 4th Apr 2023

"I adopted the lovely Treacle on 8th January 2022. She is an amazing little dog - so loving and gentle. I have absolutely fallen head over heels for her. 

It has been such fun watching her little personality start to come out - watching her try new things like her paddling pool, her excitement when she is out and about. 

She goes absolutely everywhere with me including work and my colleagues think she's adorable - kids absolutely adore her too and think she's still a puppy and I'm always getting asked if they can say hello. The amount of "so cute and ahhhhs" I hear when taking her out for a walk is so amusing as they are something I certainly never heard myself before I got her.

For a chihuahua, she is very quiet - except for when she snores! She very very rarely barks and the one and only time she did, I recorded it like a proud mom much to my families amusement. 

I can honestly say she has made my life so much more enjoyable and I cannot thank Danaher enough for allowing me to adopt this 6lb bundle of fun.

Thank you Danaher

Karen and Treacle"